The American Board of Radiology Foundation's First Decade - 2004-2014

In 2014, the ABR Foundation celebrates its tenth year. The Foundation's mission, which is to demonstrate, enhance, and continuously improve accountability to the public in the use of radiation for medical imaging and oncology, has been carried out in ways highlighted on this website. ABRF has achieved widespread acknowledgement for success in engaging a broad spectrum of involved parties:

  • Five national summit meetings have been convened to address the sources of overuse of imaging; improvement through electronic communication; and means for attainging safe, appropirate, and patient-centered imaging. Read about summit meeting outcomes and access speaker presentations here.
  • A National Strategy for Safe, Appropriate, and Patient-centered Imaging was created by summit participants, including detailed summaries of activities already being done by a variety of organizations in support of the strategy. Areas in which work is needed are highlighed. Read the strategy and activity summaries here.
  • A series of 10 online learning modules in ethics and professionalism was created and available at no cost to physicians and physicists in practice and in training. The topies addressed rtange from definitions of professionalism to managing conflicts of interest and navigating issues in research, publications, and vendor relationships. Read about and access the modules here.
  • A series of lectures at national meetings has been sponsored in collaboration with professional societies in memory of Steven Leibel, MD, past president of the ABR. The lectures address important topics related to the mission of the ABRF and are described in more detail here.

The Foundation's efforts have now reached a point at which the next logical steps involve development of new initiatives based on the National Strategy for Safe, Appropriate, and Patient-centered Imaging. However, these initiatives exceed the capacity for Foundation support, and therefore, the Foundation now concludes its Summit Series and National Strategy-related activities. We look forward to the development of subsequent projects under the independent direction and support of the many organizations and individuals who have collaborated through their participation in the ABRF summit meetings.